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Bat Island

BAT ISLAND: A Journey into the Hidden World of Tropical Bats

December 14, 2023

Meet the 76 species of bats that occupy this small island!

Join photographer, Christian Ziegler, and Smithsonian-affiliated authors, Rachel Page, Dina Dechmann, Teague O’Mara and Marco Tschapka on a photographic journey to the rainforests of Barro Colorado Island, Panamá to meet the 76 species of bats that occupy this small island, and learn about their stunning natural history, physiology, evolution, sensory adaptations, foraging behavior, social systems, and more!

In honor and memory of bat researcher, Elisabeth Kalko, the Smithsonian is raising funds in support of a fellowship endowment to support the next generation of tropical bat biologists. If you’d like to donate to this fund, you can do so here.

To learn more about the bats of Barro Colorado Island, check out the new book, BAT ISLAND.

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