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The title of Research Associate is used to denote an individual’s formal scholarly affiliation with the Institution. However, Research Associates are not employees of the Smithsonian. A STRI Research Associate is someone who has demonstrated the qualities of superior achievement expected of an established and independent research scientist.

These qualities of superior achievement include, among others:

  • The capacity to identify significant and relevant research questions that are compatible with STRI' s Mission.
  • The ability to formulate and carry out the research to answer these questions.
  • The ability to exercise superior judgment and discrimination in the interpretation of research results.
  • The motivation to present the results of this research for the judgment of others through lectures, publications and papers.
  • The recognition of excellence in research through commonly used mechanisms such as citations and peer reviews.

Research Associates are expected to pursue independent research, although collaboration with other scientists is highly desirable. They are expected to take an active interest in the welfare of the Institution by participating in the preparation of research proposals, education programs, communication activities, committees and task forces, and by providing assistance and advice to their colleagues.

Altieri Andrew University of Florida
Angehr George STRI
Baer Boris University of California, Riverside
Barrios Hector University of Panama
Batterman Sarah University of Leeds
Bernal Ximena Purdue University
Bohlman Stephanie University of Florida
Brawn Jeffrey University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Breedy Odalisca University of Costa Rica
Broders Kirk USDA-ARS
Buchs David Cardiff University
Cadena Edwin Universidad del Rosario
Carter Gerarld The Ohio State University
Chaverri Gloriana Universidad de Costa Rica
Chuyong George University of Buea
Clay Keith Tulane University
Coley Phyllis University of Utah
Collado Laura University of Vermont
Collins Laurel Florida International University
Comita Liza Yale University
Cox Christian Florida International University
Crofoot Margaret Max Planck Institute of Animal Behavior
Cusack Daniela Colorado State University
Dalling James University of Illinois
De Leon Luis Fernando University of Massachusetts
Dechman Dina Max Planck Institute for Ornithology
Della Torgna Gina Universidad Interamericana de Panamá
Dent Daisy University of Stirling
Dick Christopher University of Michigan
Dudley Robert University of California, Berkeley
Engelbrecht Bettina University of Bayreuth
Escobar Jaime Universidad del Norte
Fernandez Hermogenes INDICASAT
Freestone Amy Temple University
Geipel Inga
Gilbert Gregory University of California Santa Cruz
Herrera Amalia STRI
Hiller Alexandra
Hirsch Benjamin James Cook University
Jiggins Christopher University of Cambridge
Johnson Maggie Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Jones Frank (Andy) Oregon State University
Kapheime Karen Utah State University
Kays Roland North Carolina State University and Museum of Natural Sciences
Keiner Christina Rochester Institute of Technology
Kitajima Kaoru University of Florida/Kyoto University
Knorschild Mirjam Free University Berlin
Laliberte Etienne Université de Montréal
Lamarre Greg Czech Academy of Sciences
Lasso Eloisa Universidad de Los Andes
Lasso Marixa Universidad Nacional de Colombia
Leung Brian McGill University
Lucas Peter Kuwait University
Mangan Scott University of Arkansas
Martinez Camila Universidad EAFIT
McGuire Krista University of Oregon
Medina Daniel Universidade Estadual de Campinas
Mendizabal Tomás Centro de Investigaciones Históricas, Antropológicas y Culturales - AIP
Merrill Richard Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität
Meylan Anne Florida Fish and Wildlife, Conservation Commission?s, Florida Marine Research Institute
Meylan Peter Eckerd College
Montgomery Stephen University of Bristol
Moreno Ricardo University of Panama
Ogden Fred University of Wyoming
O'Mara Teague Southeastern Louisiana University
Parker Ingrid University of California, Santa Cruz
Pimiento Catalina Swansea University
Potvin Catherine McGill University
Puebla Oscar GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel
Ranere Anthony Temple University
Rodriguez Oris University of Panama
Ryan Michael University of Texas
Sanchez-Azofeifa Arturo University of Alberta
Santiago Louis University of California, Riverside
Sarmiento Carolina University of South Florida
Sayer Emma Lancaster University
Schnitzer Stefan Marquette University
Sedio Brian University of Texas at Austin
Shik Jonathan University of Copenhagen
Spalding Ana Oregon State University
Srygley Robert USDA
Symes Laurel Cornell University
Tanner Edmund University of Cambridge
Taylor Ryan Salisbury University
ter Hofstede Hannah Dartmouth College
Thacker Robert Stony Brook University
Theodossopoulos Dimitrios University of Kent
Tschapka Marco University of Ulm
Van Bael Sunshine Tulane University
Van Breugel Michiel Yale NUS College (Singapore)
Velasquez-Runk Julie The University of Georgia
Villarreal Juan Carlos University of Laval
Vollmer Steve Northeastern University
Wake Thomas University of California, Los Angeles
Warkentin Karen Boston University
Wulf Janie Florida State University
Yanoviak Stephen University of Louisville
Zalamea Camilo University of South Florida
Zotz Gerhard University Oldenburg
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