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Index to Fees

  • Science Support Staff: Most STRI facilities have science support staff who can assist researchers with minor jobs for research projects (e.g., building traps, installing shadecloth on greenhouses, support structures, etc.) Modest workshops are available for these jobs at some facilities. STRI will charge a daily fee for these services and the researcher will cover the cost of all materials. Contact the facility's Scientific Coordinator to organize the work required.
  • Greenhouses: Greenhouses are available in Gamboa and BCI.
  • Office space: STRI provides shared office space and access to computer rooms to visitors that is included in the facility fee. There is no charge for Wi-Fi connections. Please contact the facility’s Scientific Coordinator to coordinate office space.
  • Laboratory space: Each of our facilities is equipped with common laboratory space with basic equipment. Contact the facility’s Scientific Coordinator for more information.
  • Exclusive use of space: When available, a researcher may request that exclusive space be assigned to their project (e.g. office, lab, storage). This may include times when a project requires space for a technician to work even when the project PI is not present at STRI. Such exclusive use of a space may incur a fee. Please contact the facility’s Scientific Coordinator for more information.
  • Naos Molecular Laboratory: The Naos Molecular Laboratory (NML) provides molecular and sequencing facilities to all members of the STRI community. All users of the NML must pay a bench fee of $25/week ($100/month) when working in the lab. This fee provides users with access to all equipment, use of a lab bench, some plastics, other disposable supplies, and access to computers for data analysis. Other reagents can be purchased from laboratory stocks at cost. We also provide training in laboratory and data analysis protocols. Contact Eyda Gomez (gomeze@si.edu) for more information.
  • Analytical Biogeochemistry Laboratory: The STRI Analytical Biogeochemistry Laboratory (ABL) is an interdisciplinary laboratory that supports STRI scientists as well as visiting researchers and external institutions. The ABL can provide laboratory space with basic equipment and operates several major analytical instruments that can perform analyses on a wide variety of environmental samples including soils, waters, plant and animal tissue. Please contact Erik Johnson (johnsonee@si.edu) for service prices, scheduling, or any questions concerning analyses.
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