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Our Ocean Conference 2022,
República de Palaos: Delegación de Jóvenes

September 28, 2022

Recognizing that a connection to our ocean must be fostered with every generation, the 7th Our Ocean Conference Youth Delegation sought to highlight the contributions of young leaders advocating to protect our ocean. The Youth Delegation was made up of participants aged 18-30, with a focus on applicants from the Asia-Pacific region.

The 7th Our Ocean Conference highlighted the contributions of young people to nurturing our relationship with the ocean and showcased innovative youth-led entrepreneurial ideas for ocean action.

The Republic of Palau aimed to take a more inclusive approach with youth by engaging them in the plenary sessions of the conference, as well as hosting activities focused on the 6 thematic areas of the conference: Marine Pollution, Maritime Safety, Climate Change, Blue Economy sustainability, marine protected areas and sustainable fishing.

As an integral part of the Our Ocean Conferences, the youth component consisted of both international and local participants coming together and providing holistic solutions for the good of Our Ocean, Our People, Our Prosperity, themes of the 7th Our Ocean Conference.

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