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A conversation about changing the future through better land management in the tropics

April 28, 2021

How can science help to restore deforested land, reduce the risk of flooding and combat climate change? Find out in a virtual chat with Jefferson Hall, director of STRI’s Agua Salud Project, Katherine Sinacore, post-doctoral fellow and Edwin Garcia, master’s degree student, moderated by STRI Interim Director, Oris Sanjur and Associate Director for Communications Linette Dutari.

The Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI) teamed up with the Panama Canal Authority and Panama’s MiAmbiente to pioneer the world’s largest experiment of its kind—the 700-hectare Agua Salud project. Since 2007, we have compared how different experimental land uses affect water management, carbon storage and biodiversity conservation in the Panama Canal Watershed.

In this virtual chat, we will hear about how Agua Salud provides tools for conservationists, policymakers, managers, investors and scientists who strive to manage landscapes with multiple, competing uses in Panama and throughout the tropics. We will also hear about the opportunities the project gives students to grow their own careers.

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