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Habitat Symbiosis

Punta Galeta, where sea and earth coexist

April 15, 2019

The Smithsonian’s first marine lab on Panama’s Caribbean coast invites visitors and researchers to experience the diversity of marine ecosystems within a protected space.

Cloud Habitat

Mysterious cloud forest bees and their microbes - Part I

April 08, 2019

Three adventure-seekers meet in the clouds, each with their own reasons to learn more about mysterious jewel-like bees.

Amphibian pharmaceuticals

Microbes may fight the epidemic driving some frog species to extinction

April 02, 2019

A compound produced by Panamanian frog skin bacteria could help resist fungal infections in amphibians and humans worldwide

Hitch-hiking barnacles

Deep time tracking devices

April 02, 2019

Long-distance migrations are common for large whales, but when in their evolutionary past did they begin to migrate and why? Fossil whale barnacles may have the answers

Special events March
March 29, 2019

Fernando Santos-Granero's new book, New book by STRI Research Associate, STRI has a new Laser scanning confocal microscope, SI Library Board visit, SI Archives visit and more.

Directorship named in honor of Ira Rubinoff

Directorship named in honor of Ira Rubinoff

March 21, 2019

Endowed Directorship at STRI Named for Director Emeritus, Ira Rubinoff, to acknowledge his leadership skill and his good relationships with our benefactors.

Coupled selection

How new species arise in the sea

March 15, 2019

Study Sheds New Light on Fundamental Question in Evolutionary Biology

Former Smithsonian fellow wins an Emmy award

Former Smithsonian fellow wins an Emmy award

March 14, 2019

At STRI, Jim Porter began the long-term ecological research that later became an important component of the winning documentary, Chasing Coral

Interesting chemistry

Innovation by ice cream bean relatives explains biodiversity

March 14, 2019

The back and forth relationship between insects and their food plants may drive tropical biodiversity evolution according to work on Barro Colorado Island’s 50 hectare plot.

Special events February
March 01, 2019

2019 Fellowship Meetings and Fellows Symposium, Library visit, Gamboa window treatment, Angela Calderon Presents Seminar at STRI, Pat and David Jernigan visit Galeta, Bocas Teacher training and more

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