Research Overview

How do species of hyper-diverse genera such as Macaranga coexist within a forest?

Understanding how the environment constrains the distribution of tree species and influences growth and mortality rates is fundamental to predicting how global change will affect tropical rainforests.


Ph.D., Harvard University, 1996

B.Sc., University of Sydney, Australia, 1987

Selected Publications

Baldeck, C.A., K.E. Harms, J.B. Yavitt, R. John, B.L. Turner, R. Valencia, H. Navarrete, S.J. Davies, G.B. Chuyong, D. Kenfack, D.W. Thomas, S. Madawala, N. Gunatilleke, S. Gunatilleke, S. Bunyavejchewin, S. Kiratiprayoon, A. Yaacob, M.N. Nur Supardi and J.W. Dalling (2013) Soil resources and topography shape local tree community structure in tropical forests. Proc. R. Soc. B 280: online.

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Itoh, A., S. Nanami, T. Harata, T. Ohkubo, S. Tan, L. Chong, S.J. Davies & T. Yamakura (2012) Interaction effect of edaphic condition and habitat preference on tree mortality during El Niño-induced drought in a Bornean dipterocarp forest. Biotropica 44: 606-617.

Dong, S.X., S.J. Davies, P.S. Ashton, S. Bunyavejchewin, M.N. Nur Supardi, A.R. Kassim, S. Tan & P.R. Moorcroft (2012) Variability in solar radiation and temperature explains observed patterns and trends in tree growth rates across four tropical forests. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 279: 3923-3931.

Katabuchi, M., H. Kurokawa, S.J. Davies, S. Tan & T. Nakashizuka (2012) Soil resource availability shapes community trait structure in a species-rich dipterocarp forest. Journal of Ecology 100: 643-651.

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