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Staff Scientists


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Marine Historical Ecology Marine Paleobiology Ecology


STRI People Fellows

Fellows and Interns

The Smithsonian in Panama grants more than 300 academic appointments annually, ranging from short-term internships to long-term postdoctoral fellowships. These diverse and dynamic young scholars work alongside STRI staff scientists in support of ongoing research projects or carry out their own investigations at STRI facilities. When added to the broader group of visiting undergrads and postdocs from institutions around the globe, this group exceeds 800 visiting young academics per year.


Office of the Director

Oversight for facilities, staff scientists and scientific support staff

Matthew Larsen

Academic Programs

Fellowships, internships and field courses for undergraduate students

Owen McMillan
Dean of Academic Programs and staff scientist


Fundraising strategy and donor stewardship

Jennifer McMillan
Associate Director, Advancement


Media, public relations and outreach programs

Linette D. Dutari
Associate Director, Communications

External and Legal Affairs

Relations with the Panamanian government and legal issues

Rodrigo Ramírez-Blásquez
Associate Director, Legal and External Affairs

Finance and Administration

Finance, human resources and other administrative areas

Corina Guardia
Associate Director, Finance and Administration

Science Administration

Scientific support for staff and scientific visitors

Oris Sanjur
Associate Director, Science and Administration


Emergencies and security issues

Alejandro Arze
Director, Office of Protection Services

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