Research Overview

How does climate influence carbon cycling across forests worldwide?

Forests influence climate in part through their key role in the global carbon cycle. Kristina’s interests include how carbon cycling in forests is influenced by factors such as forest age and climate. To get at this, she leverages data from the Forest Global Earth Observatory (ForestGEO) and the Global Forest Carbon database (ForC). ForC-db, which Kristina’s lab has created and maintains, is the largest and most comprehensive global database of forest carbon stocks and annual fluxes in existence.

How does tree size mediate forest ecosystem functioning and climate responses?

Trees of different size respond differently to variation in environmental conditions; for example, research in Kristina’s lab has shown that larger trees tend to suffer more during drought in forests worldwide. Understanding and predicting forest ecosystem responses to climatic variation and change therefore requires understanding how trees of different size contribute to ecosystem functioning and how they respond to environmental variation. Kristina’s research team uses data from the Forest Global Earth Observatory (ForestGEO) to address these questions.

How is climate change impacting forest disturbances and subsequent recovery?

Climate change and other anthropogenic pressures are altering both the frequency and intensity of a variety of types of forest disturbances (for example, droughts, fire, insect pest/pathogen outbreaks) and the dynamics of forest recovery following disturbance. In some cases, this can dramatically impact forest ecosystems and landscapes, with important consequences for biodiversity and climate feedbacks. Kristina’s research on this theme has included forest responses to drought, climatic effects on forest succession, climate change responses of fire-prone forested landscapes, and fine-scale patterns of tree mortality.

How valuable are forests for climate regulation?

The Earth's climate is strongly regulated by forests; clearing just 100 square feet of forest has roughly the same effect on climate as driving across the continental US. There is growing recognition of forest protection as an effective strategy for climate change mitigation, and designing effective climate mitigation policies requires accurate quantification of the climate services of terrestrial ecosystems. Kristina has developed framework for quantifying the climate-regulating value of ecosystems and is currently building an online tool to provide location-specific estimates of ecosystem climate regulation services.


Ph.D. Biology (with distinction). 2007. University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM.

B.S. Biology (H) cum laude. 2002. Wheaton College, Wheaton, IL.

Selected Publications

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