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At the end of your visit you must turn in your STRI ID badge to the security office or to a facility manager at your research site. Once the checkout process has been completed, your laboratory access, STRI Internet access, Smithsonian provided email accounts, access to cars, housing and other services will be restricted.

If you decide to extend your visit at the invitation of your advisor or mentor, please advise the Visitor Services Office and the Academic Programs Office as soon you know about a possible extension. An extended stay involves re-registration and may have immigration implications.


Before your visit ends, the Visitor Services Office will provide you with a final invoice for the balance of your housing and other fees. You must pay the balance of your fees before your departure.

Return keys

Return your lab and office keys to the facilities manager at your research site. Contact the Visitor Services Office to confirm where to return housing keys. Ancón dorm residents should return their keys directly to the Visitor Services Office at the Tupper Center. Residents of other sites should return keys to their facilities manager. 

Fellows and Interns


Please complete an evaluation sent to you by the Academic Programs Office. Your honest feedback will help us improve our services.

Ending your appointment early

If you need to end your visit or academic appointment early, please let the Visitor Services Office and Academic Programs Office know as soon as possible.

Extending your appointment

Some fellowships and internships may be extended beyond the original end date. Extensions require approval from your PI/advisor/mentor. Inform Academic Programs and the Visitor Services Office as soon as possible if you would like to extend your appointment. You will need to re-register your visit.

STRI housing extension

If you will be staying in STRI housing, you will need to re-register your housing assignment. If you do not inform VSO of your extended housing needs, housing may not be available to you as the housing may be assigned to other incoming interns.

Lab use extension

If you will need laboratory or other facilities for an extended visit, you must inform the Visitor Services Office as soon as possible to ensure space is available to you. 

Permit renewal

Work with Visitor Services Office and the Scientific Permits Office to ensure your permits do not expire, or to renew your permits if necessary. Your work may be delayed or denied if you do not have the appropriate permits.


Visitor Services Office
+507 212-8098

Academic Programs Office
Adriana Bilgray
+507 212-8031

Scientific Permits Office
+507 212-8082

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