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STRI special events,
October 2022

October 28, 2022

Reforestation initiative, A great idea, Pioneers of science, STRI and Panamanian culture, workshop prior to Our Ocean Conference 2023, Science Girls and more

Martina on tour

As part of an expedition to Las Perlas with Aaron O’Dea’s lab, STRI research technician Brigida De Gracia and science illustrator Ian Cooke-Tapia, co-author alongside O’Dea of Martina and the Bridge of Time, a comic about the isthmus of Panama’s deep history, delivered copies of the book at the José D. Luna R. school in Pedro González Island.

Congratulations to Erin Dillon

STRI Tupper Fellow Erin Dillon was awarded the Winifred Goldring award from the Paleontological Society and Association for Women Geoscientists at the Geological Society of America meeting.

Reforestation Initiative

Indigenous leaders from the Ngäbe-Buglé y Campesino Comarca, joined scientists from STRI to sign an agreement celebrating the Rohr Reforestation Initiative, a science-based experiment to pay residents to plant native trees and carbon for 20 years.

New Book

STRI staff scientist Ashley E. Sharpe edited the book Isotope Research in Zooarchaeology, which will publish in the next few weeks and illustrates some of the ways stable isotope analysis of ancient animals can address key questions in human prehistory.

A great idea

Former Agua Salud Project Manager Federico Davis won a “Panamá en Positivo” award for his innovation in producing a planting substrate made out of coconut fiber. 

Pioneering women scientists

STRI deputy director Oris Sanjur participated in the presentation of “Pioneers of science in Panama”, a book that rescues the life and work of 24 pioneering Panamanian women scientists. Among them are several women who made their careers, or part of them, at STRI.

Credit: Tamara del Moral SENACYT

Link between STRI and Panamanian culture

STRI Research Associate y Musicologist, Samuel Robles, conducted the National Symphony at the Balboa theater.

Credit: Linette Dutari, STRI

One Health Symposium

STRI staff scientist Mark Torchin presented an overview of STRI research at the One Health Symposium. One Health is a transdisciplinary, multisectoral and collaborative approach to optimizing health that recognizes the inextricable linkages between human health, animal health and the environment. The goals of this symposium are to highlight research and public programs related to One Health and build long-term collaborations between our institutions.

The key to ocean conservation may lie in the tropics

STRI hosted twelve leading international marine science experts from the global tropics for a three-day workshop at the Punta Culebra Nature Center, conducted by STRI research associate and assistant professor at Oregon State University (OSU) Ana Spalding, and marine ecologist and assistant professor at OSU Kirsten Grorud-Colvert, to put together a scientific paper highlighting the needs and goals for the future of ocean conservation, in time for Our Ocean Conference to be held in Panama in March 2023. In this paper, the authors hope to redefine the way we think about science and conservation in order to come up with realistic solutions for the most urgent problems facing our oceans, particularly in the global south.

Credit: Vanessa Crooks, STRI

The climate crisis in Panama

Steven Paton, director of STRI's physical monitoring program, appeared before the National Assembly of Deputies with a talk related to climate change in Panama during the forum: The climate and energy crisis, the scientific evidence, organized by the Ya Es Ya collective on October 26.

Photos courtesy of Ya Es Ya

Science Girls

“Who would like to live with a crocodile?”, students at the bilingual school Omar Torrijos Herrera in Paraíso had this question during the presentation of this book aimed at children, celebrating the legacy of nine pioneers of science in Panama, who paved the way for future generations.

Among the scientists highlighted in Pelaítas de Ciencias, Miryam Venegas-Anaya and Noris Salazar Allen, both STRI researchers, are mentioned.

Photos courtesy of Tamara del Moral SENACYT

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