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Special events

October 2021: O’Dea Lab visit,
Richard Cooke honored, OIT heroes

October 29, 2021


Archaeologist Richard Cooke Honored with New Book

Archaeologist Tomás Mendizábal presented the new book “Mucho más que un puente terrestre: Avances de la arqueología en Panamá”, a publication dedicated to Richard Cooke in recognition of his significant contributions to Panamanian archeology.

The book is a compendium of the latest archaeological research carried out throughout the country.

Co-authors include Fernando Bustamante Clavijo, Richard G. Cooke, Mikael J. Haller, Karen Holmberg, Máximo Jiménez, Juan Guillermo Martín, Lana Martin, Tomás Mendizábal, Georges A. Pearson, JeanSébastien Pourcelot, Javier Rivera-Sandoval and Thomas A. Wake.

Women in Engineering Explore Collaboration with O’Dea Lab

Recently the O’Dea lab invited María Rojas, Chairwoman of IEEE Women in Engineering from the Universidad Tecnológica de Panamá (WIE-UTP) to explore collaboration ideas. They discussed the various research, outreach and training being done in the lab.

From left to right Ximena Shaw, Maria Rojas, Aaron O’Dea, Brigida de Gracia and STRI post-doc Jessica Lueders-Dumont.

Information Technology Office Resists Cyber Attacks

The STRI IT team was recognized for their continuous effort to prevent and keep the Institute safe from cyber-attacks and for their constant diligence. Special mention went to Carlos Caballero, Jorge Gamboa and Fernando Bouche. Congratulations!

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