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March 29, 2019

Fernando Santos-Granero's new book, New book by STRI Research Associate, STRI has a new Laser scanning confocal microscope, SI Library Board visit, SI Archives visit and more. 

Slavery and Utopia: The Wars and Dreams of an Amazonian World Transformer

A charismatic Peruvian indigenous chief who guided his people through the collapse of the rubber economy and assimilation into national society is the subject of staff scientist Fernando Santos-Granero’s new book: Slavery and Utopia: The Wars and Dreams of an Amazonian World Transformer.

New book by STRI Research Associate Ana Spalding

As expats and resource developers colonize rural and indigenous areas in the 21st Century, the book Coastal Resources of Bocas del Toro, Panama: Tourism and Development Pressures and the Quest for Sustainability, by STRI Research Associate Ana Spalding and Daniel O. Suman describes the process.

STRI has a new Laser scanning confocal microscope

Recently, STRI purchased a Scanning Laser Confocal Microscope, a FLUOVIEW FV3000 made by Olympus Corporation. This equipment is the first in Latin America and was obtained to support the multiple projects carried out by STRI scientists, visiting scientists and the scientific community of Panama.

Some specifications on the new equipment:

Has a sensitive and versatile spectral detection system, an easy-to-use method for boosting resolution beyond the diffraction limit in fixed tissues, high-speed scanning at low laser power, confocal detectors can be added in two detector modules that stack vertically and can be configured to include a conventional galvanometer mirror-based scanning system that provides up to 16 frames per second at 2X zoom.

Library Board visit

On behalf of Dr. Nancy Gwinn, Director of the Smithsonian Libraries, STRI Librarian Carrie Smith would like to thank the STRI Community for hosting an outstanding visit for the SIL Advisory Board the week of March 18th. Carrie would particularly like to thank the STRI Director’s Office for their support, and to recognize the efforts of STRI Advancement colleagues Daney Ramirez, Audrey Smith and Ana Matilde Ruiz for organizing an outstanding agenda during the week, in coordination with Jennifer McMillan and the SIL Advancement Team, in which the Advisory Board members and their families could experience some of the best that STRI has to offer – and were they impressed!

The group gained a solid understanding of the Institute’s crucial work in Panama, and can be counted as ‘STRI Ambassadors’ to their friends and families back home. Thank you again to all of our STRI colleagues who made this visit so special!

SI Archives visit

Conserved for posterity? In the first visit in many years, SI archivists came to Panama to evaluate the care of records, email, data and digital assets here.

Oris Sanjur presents a talk at workshop

On March 20, Oris Sanjur, Associate director for Science administration presented a talk during the workshop: Training and development of environmental leaders “Empowering decision makers to restore the forests of Panama”.

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