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A book that brings us closer to the past, present and future of Panama's natural diversity

June 17, 2020


The scientific research that has been carried out for more than a century on the isthmus, reveals us details about the evolution of its ecosystems, from deep time until today.

The Natural History of the Isthmus of Panama is a book that amazes, by revealing some of the most fascinating discoveries that have been made around the country. In its different chapters, it narrates some of the outstanding aspects of the formation of the Panamanian oceans and mountain ranges of Central America, the environmental changes that have occurred, the adaptations that the different species have undergone in order to survive and the human impact on our ecosystems. With this digital publication, STRI also reveals the palpable heritage of researchers who, for more than a hundred years, have made great scientific contributions to the nation and trained the new generations of committed scientists.

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