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Important information about your insurance policy and healthcare in Panama

Please note: Please be aware that, although private hospitals have a moral obligation to render emergency care to a critically injured patient; in most instances, they will not render care to uninsured patients without the submission of payment upfront.

Panama has a network of public hospitals where you can check in, in case of a major trauma emergency. This is the list of public hospitals by area:

  1. Bocas del Toro – Hospital Regional de Bocas del Toro
  2. Coclé – Hospital Aquilino Tejeira
  3. Colón – Hospital Manuel Amador Guerrero
  4. Chiriquí – Hospital José Domingo De Obaldía
  5. Darién – MINSA CAPSI (Santá Fe)
  6. Herrera – Hospital Cecilio Castillero
  7. Los Santos – Hospital Anita Moreno
  8. Panama City – Hospital Santo Tomás
  9. Veraguas – Hospital Chicho Fábrega

If you have an illness or a minor trauma we recommend you to attend a private hospital. However, it is important to know that private hospitals in Panamá will only grant admission upon submission of a credit card with sufficient funds to cover your medical expenses ($3,000.00 at least).

In case the visitor has insurance:

Panamanian private hospitals will require you to present a valid payment method to admit you. You will need to process your medical claim directly with your insurance company.

In case the visitor wants to purchase a local insurance:

This is an accidents reimbursement policy. You will need to present a credit card or other payment method to the hospital administration before they admit you. To claim the reimbursement, please bring to the Visitors Services Office the claim document from ASSA filled out by the doctors who attended you. It needs to have the doctor’s seal and signature. Please attach all the prescriptions with the bills of all the medications you took during your recovery.

Make sure, if your facility is BCI, Fortuna or Bocas Del Toro that you come to TUPPER first to pay the cost of the accidental insurance.


Coverage description:

Accidental death, total and permanent disability, including dismemberment,  medical, pharmacists, hospital and surgical expenses, as long as the only and direct cause is an ACCIDENT covered by the policy and subject to the conditions of it. Other routine health care related to illness and disease is not covered under this policy.

Please note: These fees may have a surcharge around 25% to 50% after the claim is analized and if its necessary.

Please note: Cash only and the exact amount.

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