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Special events March
March 29, 2019

Fernando Santos-Granero's new book, New book by STRI Research Associate, STRI has a new Laser scanning confocal microscope, SI Library Board visit, SI Archives visit and more.

Directorship named in honor of Ira Rubinoff

Directorship named in honor of Ira Rubinoff

March 21, 2019

Endowed Directorship at STRI Named for Director Emeritus, Ira Rubinoff, to acknowledge his leadership skill and his good relationships with our benefactors.

Coupled selection

How new species arise in the sea

March 15, 2019

Study Sheds New Light on Fundamental Question in Evolutionary Biology

Former Smithsonian fellow wins an Emmy award

Former Smithsonian fellow wins an Emmy award

March 14, 2019

At STRI, Jim Porter began the long-term ecological research that later became an important component of the winning documentary, Chasing Coral

Interesting chemistry

Innovation by ice cream bean relatives explains biodiversity

March 14, 2019

The back and forth relationship between insects and their food plants may drive tropical biodiversity evolution according to work on Barro Colorado Island’s 50 hectare plot.

Special events February
March 01, 2019

2019 Fellowship Meetings and Fellows Symposium, Library visit, Gamboa window treatment, Angela Calderon Presents Seminar at STRI, Pat and David Jernigan visit Galeta, Bocas Teacher training and more

Lisina Hoch’s

Lisina Hoch’s generosity spanned decades

March 01, 2019

Quietly behind the scenes, the Hoch family funds pioneering research in the rainforest canopy, exploration of both the Caribbean and the Pacific and the development of an “ecological village” in Gamboa. We mourn the passing of Lisina Hoch, family matriarch and visionary STRI supporter and remember her many family trips to Panama.

Our colorful world

Words, Birds, and Watercolor: an Interview with Charlotte Steeves

February 27, 2019

Charlotte Steeves studies the relationship between land use and seasonal river stream flow at STRI as part of the Agua Salud project . She has been a STRI intern since January 2018. However, her involvement with Panama goes back much further: In some ways it seems like she’s been preparing for this adventure for her whole life.

Dermal Disruption

Amphibian skin bacteria is more diverse in cold and variable environments according to global survey

February 27, 2019

Frog researchers swabbed 205 amphibian species to better understand the ecology of their skin bacteria. Which environmental factors influence the makeup of their microbiomes?

Environmental services

Agua Salud helps inform smart land management decisions through science

February 20, 2019

Through the long-term study of different landscapes in the Panama Canal Watershed, and the environmental services they offer, the Agua Salud project aims to use its data to improve human welfare and ensure a more sustainable future throughout the tropics

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