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Ministry of Culture (MiCultura)

Scientific Export Permit Application

(For exclusive use on scientific, academic, and educational work Paleontology and Paleoecology)

To apply for a Scientific EXPORT Permit for Archaeology, Socio-Cultural or Anthropology work from the Ministry of Culture (MiCultura), you MUST include the following information/documents in your application package:

STRI Permits Frequently Asked Questions

Your application package contains sensitive privacy information. The document (s) must be submitted through a secure transfer or an encrypted email, with the password called in by phone or on a separate email.

  1. Ministerio de Cultura (MiCultura) Scientific Export Permit Application duly completed in Spanish and MSWord editable format (For your convenience we can provide a list of independent translators that you may contact directly).


A MiCultura official may want to check the samples collected before authorizing the export permit.

Please send the duly completed permit application package to the scientific permits office: stri-permits@si.edu

Panamanian authorities can take up to 45 working days to issue a permit (not counting holidays), in addition, the STRI office often requires a 2-week processing period, we therefore recommend that you submit your permit requests at least 3 months prior to the planned start of your work.

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