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Import Permit Application (Former ANAM)

(For exclusive use on scientific, academic, and educational work).

STRI Permits Frequently Asked Questions

To apply for a Scientific Permit to Import Genetic, Biological, and non-Biological Resources (water/sediments/others) from the MINISTRY OF ENVIRONMENT, you MUST include the following information/documents in your application package:

  1. Ministerio de Ambiente Import Permit Form duly completed in Spanish and signed.
    (For your convenience we can provide a list of independent translators that you may contact directly).
    Note: Importation of soil is Prohibited by the Republic of Panama.
  2. A copy of the export permit from the country where the samples are coming from.
    Note: CITES specimens will require the CITES Export Permit from the country where the samples are coming from.
  3. MIDA request to import flora and fauna samples duly completed in Spanish and signed.
    1. If importing plants, products and by-products of vegetal origin you MUST include the Solicitud de requisitos fitosanitarios para la importación de plantas, productos y sub productos de origen vegetal duly completed in Spanish and signed.
    2. If importing insects or fungal strains you MUST include the Flora Health Questionnaire duly completed in Spanish and signed.

Note: The original permits must be with the samples entering into the Republic of Panama. The Panamanian Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry (MIDA) will examine the shipment and will determine if it is apt to enter Panama.

Please send the duly completed permit application package to the scientific permits office: stri-permits@si.edu

Panamanian authorities can take up to 45 working days to issue a permit (not counting holidays), in addition, the STRI office often requires a 2-week processing period, we therefore recommend that you submit your permit requests at least 3 months prior to the planned start of your work.

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