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Visitor Categories

Category Affiliation Description
A1 STRI/SI Fellow A formal academic appointment awarded to individuals who are conducting self-directed, mentor-supported research. Must be mentored by an STRI Staff Scientist. Fellows include Post-docs, Predocs, recent graduates, and those who have received a senior Latin American or Sabbatical Fellowship. If not funded by SI/STRI funds, a Fellow must have STRI as their principal affiliation and spend the majority of their fellowship at STRI.
A2 STRI/SI Intern A formal academic appointment awarded to individuals assigned to a specific project that has clearly defined educational and professional development goals. Interns are funded directly by a STRI Staff Scientist, through SI or STRI's Competitive Internship Program, or other funding sources. Must be mentored by an STRI Staff Scientist, who will be responsible for your expenses.
A3 STRI Volunteer Non-paid scientific or administrative assistants participating in the STRI/SI Volunteer Program. NOTE: Volunteers can only be hosted by STRI permanent employees.
A4 Special Agreements by the Director’s Office Special appointment made by the Director’s Office under a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).
B1 Students and Postdocs who are not STRI/SI Fellows Students, with a valid university credential, using STRI Facilities. Recent graduates can also be included in this category if their visit arrival date occurs within 3 months after the expiration of their university credential. Non-STRI/SI Postdoc fellows using STRI Facilities must submit a valid fellowship award letter.
B2 Researchers from Latin America (not Panama) or Developing Countries Researchers (Not a Student or Non-STRI/SI Postdoc fellows) based at a University/Institution in Latin America or a developing country who will use STRI Facilities.
NOTE: Determination is made based on the workplace, not the individual’s citizenship. More information.
B3 Other Researchers Researchers using STRI Facilities (Not a Student or Non STRI/SI Postdoc fellows). Not from a University/Institution in Panama, Latin America, or a developing country.
C1 Visitors who are not using STRI facilities Any visitor, whether a researcher, student, Panamanian, or Non-STRI/SI Postdoc fellow, who requests a Scientific Permit through STRI but does not need to use STRI Facilities, including STRI Dorms.
NOTE: No facility fee will be charged. However, if support is needed (e.g. logistical, emergency), the visitor will be invoiced to reimburse expenses incurred.
C2 Collaborators Visitors under this category will have limited access to STRI facilities but no services will be provided for research.
D Panamanians Panamanian citizens using STRI facilities with no official STRI Affiliation as Fellows, Interns, Volunteers, Research Associates, or Collaborators. NOTE: Permanent residents of Panama are not Panamanian citizens.
F Friends and Family
G Research Associates (RAs) Research Associates have a formal scholarly affiliation with the Smithsonian Institution. Appointments are made through a formal application process. NOTE: Research Associates are not employees of the Smithsonian. See https://stri.si.edu/people/research-associates
E1 STRI-sponsored Courses or Workshops Academic activities directed, organized, or sponsored by a STRI Scientist or a permanent employee.
E2 Non-STRI sponsored Courses or Workshops Non-sponsored activities that use STRI facilities.
EX Exploratory Visits
H1 STRI-sponsored Film Crews Film projects sponsored or organized by a STRI Scientist or a permanent employee.
H2 Non-sponsored Film Crews/Commercial Visitors Film projects that use STRI facilities for commercial purposes.
SI STRI/SI Employees All STRI or SI employees; including Affiliate Staff Scientists.
X Contractors User providing services/goods through the Smithsonian's Office of Contracting and Personal Property Management (OCON&PPM) or the Procurement Department.
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