Joe Wright

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Joseph Wright

I am interested in forest and plant ecology and plant phenology emphasizing abiotic and biotic limitations on phenology, seed set and recruitment. I also have strong interests in canopy biology, plant phenology and inter- and intra-specific relationships among photosynthesis, leaf longevity, and the demography of individuals.

Suggested Reading
  • S. Joseph Wright et al (2010). Functional traits and the growth-mortality trade-off in tropical trees. Ecology 91(12): 3664-3674.

  • S. Joseph Wright et al (2011). Potassium, phosphorus, or nitrogen limit root allocation, tree growth, or litter production in a lowland tropical forest. Ecology 92(8): 1616-1625.

  • Marco D. Visser et al (2011) Tri-trophic interactions affect density dependence of seed fate in a tropical forest palm. Ecology Letters 14(11): 1093-1100.