Jefferson Hall

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Jefferson Hall

My current research focuses on understanding the flow of goods and services provided by tropical forests and how they change with land use and climate change. It is grounded by the fact that, despite our best efforts, we continue to lose forest annually across the tropics. Human populations continue to grow in the tropics and around the world such that an ever growing population will be forced to rely on diminishing mature forests as well as planted and naturally regenerating secondary forests for these goods and services.

Suggested Reading
  • Jefferson S. Hall, Mark S. Ashton, Eva J. Garen, Shibu Jose. 2011. The ecology and ecosystem services of native trees: Implications for reforestation and land restoration in
    Mesoamerica. Forest Ecology and Management 261(10): 1553-1557.

  • Michiel van Breugel, Johannes Ransijn, Dylan Craven, Frans Bongers, and Jefferson S. Hall.  2011. Estimating carbon stock in secondary forests: Decisions and uncertainties associated with allometric  biomass models. Forest Ecology and Management 262, 1648-1657.

  • Robert F. Stallard, Fred L. Ogden, Helmut Elsenbeer, Jefferson S. Hall. 2010. The Panama Canal Watershed Experiment: Agua Salud Project. Water Resources Research 12(4): 17-20