Canopy Crane Access System

F.A.Q. - Canopy Crane Access Systems and Tropical Canopy Biology Program

1. How do I register at STRI to organize my research and work with the canopy cranes?
This is the first thing to do. Please register on-line, following this link.

2. What are the fees involved with doing research with the canopy cranes at STRI?
Please follow this link to know more.

3. Are there scholarships or fellowships that may help to sponsor my research with canopy cranes?
Yes. STRI provides a wide range of fellowships that may facilitate canopy research in Panama. These are open to all nationalities and all investigators, from predoctoral students to full professors.

4. How do I apply for permits to collect/study flora/fauna at crane sites?
You can apply on-line at STRI to request relevant permits to the Autoridad Nacional del Ambiente (ANAM).

5. I want to know more about canopy access and canopy research.
These pages may help: significance of canopy research, canopy access and canopy cranes, examples of canopy research at STRI, future canopy research and links.

6. What are typical topics of canopy research at STRI?
Please read this page which summarizes canopy research at STRI.

7. I want to know more about the canopy crane sites.
Please read these pages.

8. How can I reach the canopy crane sites?
Please follow this link.

9. Are they any regulations associated with canopy research and the canopy cranes?
Yes, some common-sense regulations have been implemented. Please read them here.

10. With whom should I book crane use when I am at STRI?
Send your request for booking the canopy cranes to (STRI-Cranes Booking).

11. Who should I contact for further details regarding canopy research at STRI?
If needed, S. Joseph Wright will be happy to assist you.

Dr. Héctor Barrios (left, University of Panama) with visitors from Papua New Guinea at the San Lorenzo canopy crane.

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