Collaborative Agreements

Non Governmental Institutions of Panama

Institution Objective


Cooperative agreement whereby STRI facilitates to C&W an area of 72 mts. to install cell phone based radio equipment in BCI


MOU - business initiatives for conservation of a dry forest in Chame.


Scientific cooperation agreement for the protection of natural resources in the hydrographic basins of Fortuna, Alto Bayano, Yeguada, Rio Esti.


Agreement for scientific support, exhibit design and program development for a biodiversity museum.

GAMBOA RAINFOREST RESORT AT THE PANAMA CANAL MOU to provide housing units and conference facilities in the village of Gamboa , coordinating a donation program destined to support scientific research, education and conservation, sponsoring scientific internships and setting up a joint advisory committee to review terms.
HOTEL CAMPESTRE MOU business initiatives for tourism, conservation and research
KUNA YALA CONGRESS Agreement to conduct scientific research specifically for Dr. H. Lessio’s projects.
NATURA/ICBG/STRI Agreement for the creation of an environmental trust fund

PCRC/Panama Canal Railway CO.

MOU for construction of a railroad crossing and installation of signaling for STRI’s dock north of Gamboa.

PPV - Patronato Panamá Viejo

Cooperative agreement for technical and financial support, providing counseling for publications, student exchanges and personnel training.

PNM (Metropolitan Nature Park)

Response of tropical forest to CO2


Inter-library cooperation with more than 90 national and international institutions.