Collaborative Agreements

Government of Panama

Support from Panama's government has been critical to the success of STRI's long-term research activities. Panama designated the Barro Colorado Nature Monument (BCNM) under the terms of the 1940 Organization of American States' (OAS) Convention on Nature Protection and Wildlife Preservation in the Western Hemisphere. The 1977 Panama Canal Treaties gave STRI custodianship of this monument, with STRI's security office as partners with the Panamanian police to protect BCNM and other research sites. The Panamanian government has also furthered our efforts by granting STRI International Mission status.

More recently, agreements with the Government of Panama through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Interoceanic Canal Authority (ARI) have allowed for continuation of our International Mission status and custodianship over BCNM and other facilities for 20 years beyond the termination of the Panama Canal Treaties in the year 2000. STRI's long-term research plans are thereby ensured through 2020, with provisions for indefinite continuation.