Collaborative Agreements

Scientific Cooperation Agreements

In addition to sponsoring programs in Panama, STRI maintains cooperative agreements with academic, governmental, and conservation organizations in tropical countries around the globe. Through these arrangements, we provide scientists and students with opportunities for research, collaboration, and the use of facilities.

STRI plays a role in supporting better management of tropical environments around the world by disseminating the results of our international research activities, thereby bridging the gap between scientists and policymakers.


Country Institution Objective

Instituto Humboldt

Scientific long term collaboration for ecology studies
Costa Rica

University of Costa Rica

Scientific research and collaboration with the Costa Rica University , Research Center for Limnology an Marine Science

STRI / National Museum of Natural History

Cooperative agreements for the interchange and development of scientific projects.
Cuba CIM (Centro de Investigaciones Marinas) MOU - Collaborative Agreement for Marine Science.

SI / Washington / Cuba Academy of Sciences

MOU - for technical and scientific cooperation

Institute of Ecology

Scientific agreement for interchange, cooperation, and development of projects.

STRI/PUCE (Catholic Pontifician University of Ecuador)

Cooperation agreement for the development of scientific research projects in the Yasuni.
(Mpala Ranch)

SI / Kenyan Wildlife Services / The National Museums of Kenya / Princeton University / Mpala Wildlife Foundation

MOU for scientific research, education and training in Mpala Ranch

STRI / ICBG / Oregon State University (OSU)

MOU for material transfer, collection, export and use of biological material

STRI / Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies

MOU for cooperation in the field of tropical forest restoration