Collaborative Agreements

Educational Program Agreements

STRI also maintains a long history of collaboration with Panamanian scientists and students, as well as with many of the country's academic, governmental, and conservation organizations, such as the University of Panama and ANAM, Panama's national authority for the environment. STRI officials serve on the board of several non-governmental organizations such as the Board of Trustees of Panama's Metropolitan Nature Park, Fundacion Natura, Ancon, City of Knowledge, and Fundacion Amador.


Country Institution Objective

McGill University

MOU for the development of collaboration and scientific/academic /educational purposes
(Field Semester Course)

McGill University

NEO PROGRAM, educational agreement for Masters and PhD students.

UNIANDES University of Los Andes

Academic collaboration agreement for Post Doc and Masters Program
Panama City of Knowledge MOU for the development of collaboration for scientific/academic/ educational purposes
Panama University of Panama General agreement for scientific/educational
Panama Panama Technological University Agreement to develop and promote technical- scientific cooperation

Princeton University

Agreement for collaboration on tropical research and education in the areas of ecology, evolution and behavior