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Carlucci, Marcos B., Seger, Guilherme D. S., Sheil, Douglas, Amaral, Iê, Chuyong, George B., Ferreira, Leandro V., Galatti, Ulisses, Hurtado, Johanna, Kenfack, David, Leal, Darley C., Lewis, Simon L., Lovett, Jon C., Marshall, Andrew R., Martin, Emanuel, Mugerwa, Badru, Munishi, Pantaleo, Oliveira, Átila Cristina A., Razafimahaimodison, Jean Claude, Rovero, Francesco, Sainge, Moses N., Thomas, Duncan, Pillar, Valério D. and Duarte, Leandro D. S. 2017. Phylogenetic composition and structure of tree communities shed light on historical processes influencing tropical rainforest diversity. Ecography, 40(4): 521-530..


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Gautier, Laurent, Lachenaud, Olivier, van der Burgt, Xander and Kenfack, David 2016. Five new species of Englerophytum K. Krause (Sapotaceae) from central Africa. Candollea, 71(2): 287-305..

Kibet, Staline, Nyangito, Moses, MacOpiyo, Laban and Kenfack, David 2016. Tracing innovation pathways in the management of natural and social capital on Laikipia Maasai Group Ranches, Kenya. Pastoralism, 6(1): 16..


Kenfack, David, Gereau, Roy E., Thomas, Duncan W. and Sainge, Moses N. 2015. The Tropical African Genus Crotonogynopsis (Euphorbiaceae), with Two New Species. Novon, 24(3): 246-255..
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Libalah, Moses B., Fongod, Augustina G. N., Veranso, Marie Claire and Kenfack, David 2014. Field and Morphometric Studies of Phyllobotryon Müell.Arg. (Salicaceae) in the Korup Forest Area of Cameroon. Adansonia, 36(2): 303-313..
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Parmentier, Ingrid, Réjou-Méchain, Maxime, Chave, Jé, Vleminckx, Jason, Thomas, Duncan W., Kenfack, David, Chuyong, Georges and Hardy, Olivier J. 2014. Prevalence of phylogenetic clustering at multiple scales in an African rainforest tree community. Journal of Ecology, 102(4): 1008-1016..

Thomas, Duncan, Burnham, Robyn J., Chuyon, George, Kenfack, David and Sainge, Moses Nsanyi 2014. Liana abundance and diversity in Cameroon's Korup National Park. , : 13-22..
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Thomas, Duncan, Burnham, Robyn J., Chuyong, George, Kenfack, David and Sainge, Moses Nsanyi 2014. Patterns of liana demography and distribution: From local to global. , : 13-22..


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Thomas, Duncan, Kenfack, David and Chuyong, George B. 2004. Measuring the Alpha Diversity of Trees: Is This a Useful Took for Biodiversity Assessment?. Inside CTFS, : 6-7..

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