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2017 - 2018 | STRI Fees

Bocas Fees 2017 - 2018

Dear Bocas Research Station Visitors,

2017 promises to be an even busier year at the station than previous years, so please plan your visit's well in advance.

We would like to remind you of a few policies that we hope will allow the Bocas team to more effectively support such a large number of visitors.

  1. As always visitors will be provided with clean sheets and towels upon arrival. Visitors are responsible for laundering these items during their stay. The washing machines in the kitchen/dining complex and below both the Hoch and Coffrin Houses are available free of charge for this purpose. The use of this machines is exclusive for visitors staying in the station.
  2. For on-site accommodation, check-in time is 3:00 pm and check-out time is 10:00 AM. To avoid being charged for an extra day or additional cleaning charges, visitors must ensure that all belongings are out of the room and that the used sheets and towels have been deposited in the assigned areas (laundry baskets in Hoch and Coffrin Houses; Hamper in the laundry room).
  3. Please be aware that the BRS is no longer able to process cash payments. Bills can be paid in person or on-line with a credit card, a debit card, a check, or with institutional funds transfer. Visitors needing to arrange payment with institutional funds transfers and POs need to ensure that all of the paperwork to allow such transactions is complete prior to their visit. Bills can be paid with cash at the cashier in the Tupper Center.

Registration fee: $60.00

Permits Fees



Same for all categories
Students Dorms:
One Fee $15/person/night
Researchers Dorms:    
Not available for classes, except TAs and professors  
2 Beds in each room  
Less than a Month $30/room/night
More than a Month $20/room/night
Hoch and Cofrin Houses    
2 Bedrooms, 2 beds in each room  
Less than a Month $42/room/night
More than a Month $27/room/night
Housing Cancellation Policy: 

Late payment fee: $35.00
Late cancellation fee [< 30 days cancellation notice - deposit is forfeited]. One month rent. 

Check-In time-  3:00 pm    
Check-Out time-  10:00 am




Starting on January 1st 2018 the Bocas del Toro Research Station will implement a $30.00 a week Off Campus fee for all visitors using the facility but living outside the station. This fee will include: Unrestricted use of laundry machines and the full kitchen facilities at the dining hall, as well as specially treated drinking water for home use. The fee will help fund daily cleaning of the kitchen, and maintenance of the laundry and water filtration equipment. This fee will be charged to all visitorís categories except Category C - Field Researchers


  Less than 1 month More than 1 month
STRI Employee $0.00 $0.00  Per Day
STRI fellows and SI staff $0.00 $0.00  Per Day
PhD Researchers $20.00 ** $20.00 Per Day
Grad students, Undergrads/interns and Volunteers $10.00 $10.00  Per Day **
Panamanians $0.00 $0.00  Per Day
Remote/field researchers $4.00 $4.00  Per Day
Courses per person $23.00 $23.00 Per Day
Gas at cost  
Boat drivers $ 60.00 for 8 hour day $40.00 for 4 hour ½ day*
Catering  at cost  
Shipping at cost  
Storage Fees * $120.00 (Per cubic meter / year)
* This fee applies to all visitor categories and itís for items storage from 1 month up to a year. If a year pass and the items are still in the storage, the station will automatically charge another $120.00.

** This fees will start applying on February 2017.

Housing: The same rates apply to all categories of visitors.


Houses: Full 2-bedroom houses with internet, kitchen, laundry, etc. Each bedroom has either 2 twin-sized beds or 1 queen and 1 twin-bed. Prices are per bedroom.

All undergraduate visitors should be accompanied by their Advisor or a Supervisor who can assist them in their research.

Maximum stay 3 months.

Check-In time:  3:00 pm    Check-Out time:  10:00 am

Lab Bench Fee:

  1. This includes most expenses
    1. Laboratory use including instruments and equipment
    2. Filling scuba tanks
  2. The bench fee does not cover the following:
    1. Gas for boats
    2. Boat fee
    3. Boat drivers
    4. And anything more than incidental use of consumables such as alcohol and plastic ware.

By excluding these items we are able to keep the bench fees affordable.

The following categories do not pay lab bench fee:

STRI and SI employees, SI and STRI fellows, MSN fellows, and STRI research associates. Other visitors accompanying the STRI researcher will be charged at the rate appropriate to their status.

Volunteers must work with a visiting PI who is in any of the categories listed in Bocas Fees.

Spouses who stay in the dorm but who do not participate in research, pay only for the dorm. Those helping with research fall into one of the above categories.

Please contact the station manager if you wish to arrange to have catered meals during your stay. This can be arranged but the prices cannot be predicted much in advance and prices vary with group size and kinds of meals requested.

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Rev. 7/2017