Our research facilities are as diverse as the research carried out at STRI. They include scanning electron microscopes, seawater systems to maintain marine organisms, tower cranes to access forest canopies, and genetic, chemical, and digital imaging laboratories.

STRI also operates several field stations in Panama and an ocean-going research vessel. Field stations provide access to seasonal, lowland forests within the Barro Colorado Nature Monument (BCNM); mountain forests at Fortuna; mangrove forests and emergent reef flats at Galeta; and mangrove forests, rain forests, and coral reefs at Bocas del Toro. These facilities are open to all scientists associated with STRI and with Panamanian institutions.

But STRI's presence is not limited to Panama: researchers from the Institute are carrying out investigations in more than 30 countries throughout the world, in close collaboration with host country institutions, expanding research possibilities further.

In addition, the Smithsonian Institution offers other facilities that support STRI research. The Smithsonian Institution libraries hold very significant collections that are used extensively by our scientists and collaborators. The biological collections at the National Museum of Natural History are important for tropical diversity studies, and several scientists from other Smithsonian units are active collaborators at STRI.


Terrestrial facilities

Marine facilities

Affiliated facilities

Following is information on current "Affiliated Field Stations". These stations are available, through STRI, for use by affiliated Institute researchers and visitors and offer additional opportunities and habitats. STRI has established individual memorandums of understanding with each of these stations, both in Panama and abroad, with the objective of promoting research and education to increase the understanding of tropical diversity.

Terms of reference for the Affiliated Field Station category, which include criteria, obligations and responsibilities, are available upon request and initial inquiries of interest are welcome. Please write to: STRI Deputy Director.

Coming to Panama?

In this section you will find a list of required documents, as well as immigration and health information needed when coming to Panama.