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Tuesday May 12, 2020
Children may go out while accompanied by their parents

The Minister of Health, Rosario Turner, reported this Tuesday that parents will be able to take advantage of their allocated time, according to their ID number, to spend it with their children in the perimeters near their home or in the social areas of their buildings.

Turner specified that each parent can go out with only one child, maintaining the sanitary measures recommended by the Ministry of Health, which include, for example, the use of masks and physical distancing.

The statements of Minister Turner were given during the daily press conference on the COVID-19 situation, where she also explained that in order to proceed to the next stages, the contagion rate and the installed capacity, among other aspects, will be considered.

"It is necessary to highlight that as a country we have made significant progress in the area of ​​virus control, however, we have not won the battle, therefore, we urge the entire population to stay home during the remainder of this quarantine, because the physical distance allows hospital resources not to collapse," said Turner.

She also said that the instructions issued by the Ministry of Health have a higher purpose, to save lives, and the means to achieve this objective is to reinforce respiratory hygiene measures and that people should go to primary care facilities, such as health centers and polyclinics on the appearance of respiratory symptoms accompanied by persistent cough and fever or consult the technological platforms that we have made available to you such as ROSA and 169.

People who have chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, metabolic diseases, smokers, and obesity should go to their respective health check-ups, and we reiterate that smoking is a variable that is observed in cases complicated by COVID-19.

Epidemiological report

Today, Tuesday, May 12, 6,021 recovered patients were reported, 167 new cases, for a total of 8,783; while in home isolation there are 2,135 patients, 252 deceased, 375 hospitalized, divided into 295 in the wards and 82 in the intensive care units.

To resolve doubts arisen from the announcement of the blocks that make up the plan for the gradual process of new normality, please visit the Ministry of Health’s (MINSA) webpage http://minsa.gob.pa/coronavirus-19 and PAHO/WHO https://panama.campusvirtualsp.org/.

MINSA requests the population to continue implementing measures such as physical distancing, hand washing and the correct use of masks, which are efficient weapons to eradicate COVID-19.

All of the official information regarding the novel coronavirus in Panama and the actions that the national government has taken are communicated on MINSA social media accounts and on the web pages (www.minsa.gob.pa and https://yomeinformopma.org/). They are also available on our hotline by dialing 169 or WhatsApp number 6997-2539.

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