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Saturday May 2, 2020
Citizens must respect sanitary measures: deputy minister Sucre

"We have seen how in recent days, despite the measures established by the National Government, the quarantine has been violated, both by men and women, who have not maintained the physical distance required to avoid the spread of COVID-19," expressed the vice minister of health Luis Sucre, who asked the citizens to comply with the provisions established to lower the effective transmission rate.

Both nationals and foreigners must continue respecting the established measures especially in areas such as western Panama, San Miguelito, Veraguas, Juan Díaz and San Francisco, where the COVID-19 cases remain with worrying rates.

The Ministry of Health (MINSA) also informs that as of Monday, the residents of the community of Koskuna, in Veracruz, Arraiján district, who are not affected, or symptomatic by COVID-19, will be issued a safe-conduct to transit and go to their jobs; this document will be issued by the Metropolitan Health Directorate.

Epidemiological report

Today, Saturday, May 2, 3,144 recovered patients are reported so far, while 370 new cases are registered, for a total of 7,090.

In home isolation are 3,375 patients (1,067 in hotels), 197 deceased, 374 hospitalized, 285 divided into wards and 89 in the intensive care units.

MINSA informs that there are areas detected as breeding grounds for the Dengue transmitting mosquito and insists on keeping environments clean to avoid an epidemic.

Decree that suspends evictions

The National Government issued the Executive Decree No. 145 of May 1, 2020, which suspends for the duration of the State of National Emergency by Covid-19, all eviction processes destined for the use of housing, commercial establishments, professional use, industrial and educational activities, without distinction of the rental fee.

The 12-article rule states that while the national emergency lasts and up to two months after the sanitary measure is lifted, the leasing fees, the increase clauses and/or the penalties for unilateral termination of the contract are ordered; and cautions those who can pay their rent because they are not affected by the crisis and do not do it, that there will also be a sanction.

The Ministry of Housing and Land Management (Miviot) is also empowered to oversee all lease contracts of any type and it will even be able to hear complaints and place sanctions for non-compliance, expanding its competence.

The decree contemplates sanctions for landlords who by means of de facto methods or actions suspend services such as electric power, water and gas, or who uses other pressure measures against the lessee for the eviction of the property.

Panamanian families start receiving benefits

The National Government's strategy regarding electricity supply aims to alleviate the economic burden on users and at the same time guarantees the permanent supply of the service.

All of this results in 1,100,000 Panamanian families that have begun to receive 50% and 30% discounts agreed, corresponding to the month of April.

The subsidy for this first month is for UDD $39 million to help Panamanian households alleviate their food needs. 72% of Panamanian families are already receiving 50% less on their monthly bill, corresponding to the existing 20% ​​subsidy and an additional 30% for emergencies. 23% of Panamanian families are already receiving 30% less than their monthly bill.

These figures show that the lower the consumption, the greater the discount, therefore, it is encouraged to assume an active and vigilant attitude, so that your energy savings benefit your family economy.

In common agreement with the distribution companies, it was achieved that those who are unable to pay will not have their electricity service cut, and that the few cases that occurred at the beginning of this pandemic were immediately corrected. It is important to note that cuts are not even being made at the request of the users themselves.

If there is any degree of dissatisfaction either for the service or the billing, we have agreed with the distributors to enable immediate attention lines, as well as the Public Services Authority, which in turn watches over these tasks, has enabled the 800- 3333 phone line, WhatsApp 6271-2230 or email atencionalusuario@asep.gob.pa

All of the official information regarding the novel coronavirus in Panama and the actions that the national government has taken are communicated on MINSA social media accounts and on the web pages (www.minsa.gob.pa and https://yomeinformopma.org/). They are also available on our hotline by dialing 169 or WhatsApp number 6997-2539.


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