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Tuesday April 28, 2020
MINSA warns that staying at home is the only way to 'the new normal'

The COVID-19 pandemic, which is keeping humanity confined, will change the way humans interrelate, therefore, the Ministry of Health (MINSA) insists that hand washing and biosecurity measures will turn to be part of our daily lives in order to win the battle against COVID-19.

The minister, Rosario Turner, warned that the reproductive number of cases (Rt) for the country is 1.15 and commended the efforts of most of the population that has responsibly complied with the quarantine. However, she noted that in the Colón, Coclé and Veraguas provinces the Rt is greater than 1, while in Chiriquí peoples’ behavior has improved. She requested that all citizens comply with the quarantine.

The statistics reveal that Panama has a health care system that has not collapsed, and it has enough beds in hospitals and intensive care units.

In response to a question from journalists about how close the quarantine is to being lifted, the minister said that the quarantine will be lifted gradually, taking into account the Rt of each province, the risks of economic activity and responsiveness.

The "new normal"

According to MINSA, the latest numbers of those who are violating the national quarantine show that part of the population has not understood that staying home is the way to save their lives, their relatives, friends and neighbors.

The National Government is evaluating ways to lead the country towards this “new normal”, but it will be carried out gradually and based on scientific criteria that guarantees the peace and health of the population, regardless of race, religion, nationality or social class.

Epidemiological report

Today, 484 recovered patients were reported, for a total of 2,455; while 179 new positive cases have been detected for a total of 6,200.

Meanwhile, there are 5,182 people in home isolation, 176 deceased, 270 hospitalized in wards, and 88 patients in the intensive care units. Today 961 new tests were carried out, for a total of 28,795 nationwide.

It is important to note that along with the fight against COVID-19, MINSA has not let its guard down in the war against dengue either. Throughout the country, fogging operations have been activated to eradicate the Aedes mosquito.

All of the official information regarding the novel coronavirus in Panama and the actions that the national government has taken are communicated on MINSA social media accounts and on the web pages (www.minsa.gob.pa and https://yomeinformopma.org/). They are also available on our hotline by dialing 169 or WhatsApp number 6997-2539.

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