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Monday March 30, 2020
National Government applies new mobility rules to decrease infections by COVID-19

The large number of people circulating outside their homes despite the mandatory national quarantine, has led the National Government to take more severe measures to protect public health. Starting this Wednesday, April 1st, transit of people will be conditional on the sex that appears on the citizen's personal identification card.

Women can circulate on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, while men can circulate on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. On Sundays, all citizens and residents must remain in their homes.

Health authorities emphasize that no country will be fully prepared to fight the virus if the people do not assume the responsibility of protecting the individual and collective health of its inhabitants. All these actions are implemented to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus with teamwork and within an ethical framework.

Result of good practices

Official data indicates that, after 22 days of reporting the first patient with COVID-19 in Panama, records total 1,075 cases, while the international count records 777,286 cases and 37,140 deaths.

Panama began the implementation of the containment measures on the 9th day after the start of the outbreak, unlike other nations, whose strategies began 30 days after their first confirmed positive case. This has allowed the national health system time to prepare for the care of people affected by COVID-19.

Given these implemented containment measures, Panama has been invited to join "Solidarity Try," a research strategy designed by the World Health Organization (WHO), which will allow access to four treatment protocols, with first-line drugs for patients with COVID-19.

Epidemiological data

As of today, Monday, March 30, a total of 1,075 positive cases are reported, of which 86 are new. Currently, 888 patients (82.6%) are in isolation.

In turn, some 109 patients (10.14%) are hospitalized, of which 43 (4%) are in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). To date, there are 26 deaths (2.42%) and 9 recovered, three of which were in the ICU.

All of the official information regarding the novel coronavirus in Panama and the actions that the national government has taken are communicated on MINSA social media accounts and on the web pages (www.minsa.gob.pa and https://yomeinformopma.org/ ). They are also available on our hotline by dialing 169 or WhatsApp number 6997-2539.

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