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Friday March 27, 2020
National Government expands service network for better patient monitoring

The National Government continues to expand the service network to care for patients affected by COVID-19. Today, 50 COVID-19 positive patients were transferred to hotels in Panama City for closer monitoring.

The hotels have been equipped for the observation and treatment of patients. They will have medical personnel and nurses who will attend to the supply of medications.

The delivery of 15 new fans to expand service capacity at the Caja de Seguro Social (CSS) complex was also announced. Starting next Monday, patients with respiratory problems in the metropolitan area will be treated at the Institute of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation located on the Centennial road, as coordinated with the board of the institute.

The Gorgas Memorial Institute and the Institute of Scientific Research and High Technology Services (INDICASAT), based in the City of Knowledge, are preparing the means in which patient samples are transported, to meet the demand of tests to detect COVID-19 cases.

Epidemiology report

The Ministry of Health reports that Panama currently leads in the number of tests carried out in the Central American region. The increase in the number of analyses allows timely attention to COVID-19 positive patients, and protection for those who have been in contact with them.

To date, a total of 5,222 tests have been conducted, of which 85% have been negative and 15%, positive leading to a cumulative total of 786 positive COVID-19 patients.

Some 662 patients are in home isolation (84%), 108 patients are hospitalized (13.7%), 28 are in the Intensive Care Unit (3.6%) and 80 (10.2%) are in the general ward.

Currently, deaths total 14 people (1.8%) and the recovery of two patients is recorded.

All of the official information regarding the novel coronavirus in Panama and the actions that the national government has taken are communicated on MINSA social media accounts and on the web pages (www.minsa.gob.pa and https://yomeinformopma.org/ ). They are also available on our hotline by dialing 169 or WhatsApp number 6997-2539.

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