MINSA: Press Release #14

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Wednesday March 18, 2020

*MINSA and CSS create an epidemiological barrier at Dr. Ezequiel Abadía Hospital*

The Ministry of Health and the Caja de Seguro Social, acting responsibly in coordination with the Ministry of Security, have established an epidemiological barrier at the Dr. Ezequiel Abadía Hospital in Soná.

Given the detection of 2 cases and the need to investigate potential contacts, the authorities applied the responsible decision to epidemiologically isolate the facility.

The measure is taken while guaranteeing all the rights of citizens who are currently in the hospital, who will be placed under observation. They will undergo necessary tests to determine their state of health. Once the results are obtained, those who do not present symptoms or respiratory conditions will be sent to mandatory quarantine in their homes.

Because the early detection of infections has been a success factor for countries that best managed to contain the pandemic, the decision made by the authorities aims to address the health of citizens potentially exposed to the virus, who are inside the hospital, and all the inhabitants of Soná and to contain the spread of the virus.

Once the test results have been obtained and the potential cases have been classified, all areas of the hospital will be disinfected to restore their normal functioning. Through the Ministries of Public Works, the placement of external Triage Modules will be requested in case it is necessary to provide additional services.

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