MINSA: Press Release #12

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Tuesday, March 17, 2020

The National Government announced new intersectoral actions with the purpose of expanding its response capacity against the new coronavirus through the Protégete Panamá Plan, in this regard the Ministry of Health (MINSA) continues operations with the Ministry of Security, the National Police and the National Immigration Service to monitor compliance with the sanitary regulations necessary to contain and mitigate the effects of COVID-19 in Panama, since in the metropolitan area most of the people are complying.

In order to continue expanding access to health services, the “Rosa” application was launched yesterday afternoon as a virtual clinic that so far has received 693 people through a “technological triage” and 242 remote consultations have been attended.

At the same time, starting today, the installation of the care modules for people with respiratory symptoms begins. The first point where it was installed is at the health center in Pueblo Nuevo and later they will be installed in the other centers of MINSA and the Caja de Seguro Social (CSS).

These modules will serve for prior care through a filter so that symptomatic patients do not enter the hospital centers that are reserved for the care of patients with more severe conditions.

MINSA also today managed the acquisition of equipment and medicines for the care of patients in intensive care to improve their treatment, condition and prognosis.

The clinical behavior of people affected by COVID-19 in Panama at this time are slight manifestations and it is reported that the affected health workers have not been contaminated during intensive care of patients but were positive by contact with relatives or people with COVID-19.

The Ministry of Health insists on the need to stay at home and on the importance of hand washing and maintaining basic hygiene measures, as well as following the official accounts and page of the Ministry of Health.

Once again, the National Government recognizes the work of health workers, especially doctors in the intensive care rooms for the commitment and informs that it will continue the distribution of biosafety protection equipment.

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