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Monday, March 16, 2020

The National Government, at this crucial moment for the country, wants to thank the entire population, the health workers and the security forces for their determined support and their correct response to this situation that we are going to overcome together. The ongoing plan "Protect yourself Panama" is a strategy and a slogan.

The Ministry of Health (MINSA) reports that the Rosa Program has been launched: a virtual clinic that will attend cases with respiratory symptoms, providing medical evaluation through this platform.

This Monday the installation of modules for the care of patients with respiratory symptoms began at health centers located at 24 de Diciembre and in Juan Díaz, as well as at the health centers in Pueblo Nuevo, Tocumen, Paraíso and Patricia Duncan in Colón.

At the Caja de Seguro Social, these facilities will be in the clinics at San Francisco, Betania, Manuel Ferrer, Juan Díaz, and the Hospital Complex on the Transistmian highway.

The Minister of Health, Rosario Turner, met with deputies from the National Assembly, who she invited to join the campaign against the coronavirus from their districts. She also made recommendations for evaluating the methods that are being used during the legislative plenary sessions.

In addition, members of the Advisory Committee will meet with Chinese scientists today, who will share their experiences on how the fight against the COVID-19 virus was approached in China.

As part of the inter-institutional effort against COVID-19, the Bank Superintendency has designed a package with measures that will make it easier for financial entities to reach agreements with debtors.

The Caja de Seguro Social is adjusting payments to the 290,000 retirees and pensioners to March 23, 24 and 25, to avoid crowds that could expose them to contagion. Payment may also be made directly to the National Bank, by ACH or through the account of an authorized relative.

The Ministry of Labor is working on the decrees that will guarantee job stability in the public and private sectors during this unprecedented situation.

Data update

As of today, Monday, March 16, there have been 69 confirmed cases of coronavirus, 35 women and 34 men; 7 are in intensive care, four are hospitalized and 57 are receiving home care. We are not forgetting the single fatality reported to date.

It is important to note that of every 100 tests that have been performed, 94 have been negative.

Regarding the activity at the 169 Call Center, citizens are informed that through 4:00 PM on Monday, 5,923 calls had been received, of which 1 percent were false.

The National Government reaffirms to the population the strict compliance with hygiene measures, both individual and collective, consisting of frequent hand washing, avoiding contact with people with colds, and leaving the house only for reasons of urgent need.

For additional information, follow the official MINSA accounts on the main social networks and on the website www.minsa.gob.pa. In addition, direct consultation calls are answered through the WhatsApp number 69971234.


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