Sanitary requirements for movilization

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Sanitary requirements for movilization as defined by Executive Decree No. 1690

Dear STRI Community,

Please take note of the new measures detailed in Executive Decree No. 1690 dated December 29, 2020, which establishes mandatory, country-wide sanitary measures required for mobilization to places and / or areas with low COVID-19 contagion rates.

This Executive Decree informs that people travelling throughout the country to areas with a low contagion rate, including beaches and coasts, will be subject to taking and collecting samples that allow a diagnosis of the virus. The authorities will establish checkpoints and may also carry out promotion and prevention operations. In the event that the sample yields a positive result, the person will be obligated to comply with mandatory isolation as ordered by the health authorities. Please refer to Executive Decree No. 1690, attached.

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