Resolution 764
and Opening of NGOs

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Ministry of Health

Resolution No. 764 of August 13, 2020

That authorizes the reactivation of the operation and mobilization for some commercial activities at the national level

The Ministry of Health resolves:

Article one: To authorize the reactivation, operation and mobilization of the following activities within the “route towards the new normal” strategy as of August 17, 2020:

a) Retail trade (not essential) in the form of electronic commerce with home delivery service, delivery in parking spaces enabled to wait for orders, pick-up in store that will consist of a provisional space outside the premises for attention in compliance with the corresponding security measures.

b) Beauty salons and barber shops, by appointment

c) Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in general

d) General car sales

Legal Basis: Political Constitution of the Republic of Panama, Decree No. 1 of January 15, 1969, Decree No. 75 of February 27, 1969, Law No. 66 of November 10, 1947, Law No. 139 of April 2, 2020, Executive Decree No. 64 of January 28, 2020, Executive Decree No. 507 of March 24, 2020, Resolution No. 405 of May 11, 2020.

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