New restriction and mobility measures starting Dec.18th.

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Dear STRI Community, Visitors and Contractors,

The Ministry of Health announced that starting December 18th, a new curfew and dry law schedule will begin, from 7pm to 5am, in addition to a total quarantine starting on December 25th to 28th, 2020 and from December 1st to 4th January 2021, as a measure to stop the advance of the coronavirus in the country.

The total quarantine will start from 7pm on Friday 25th and will end at 5am on Monday, December 28th; and the second total quarantine will be from 7pm on Friday, January 1st to 5am on Monday, January 4th.

Sanitary fences will be established from 5pm on December 23rd until 5am on January 4th. These will be located in La Pesa de La Chorrera, Divisa, La Villa, Chagres, Viguí, among others.

Minsa ordered supermarkets to receive one person per family, with the exception of those being accompanied by a minor or person with a disability.

Airports, ports and borders will remain open.

Meetings of more than 10 people continue to be suspended. Food delivery companies may operate until 10pm.

Thank you for your kind attention.


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