COVID-19 Vaccination in Panama for foreigners

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Dear STRI community,

Foreigners who are in the country will be included in the vaccination process against COVID-19, according to Panama’s Minister of Health, Luis Francisco Sucre, stating “that the Constitution and the Health Code have responsibility on the entire population in the country”

Sucre added that “the National Government is a government that watches over everyone who is in the country, nobody is going to be left out.”


This is the link to register:


Bottom text mentions that the purpose of this form is to manage the registration of those who are interested in being vaccinated against COVID-19. The registry of the interested parties seeks to facilitate the procedure and logistics in the distribution and application of the vaccines, make the necessary provisions, according to the condition of the person, as well as to manage the quantities to be distributed by sector and population density. Lack of registration does not imply exclusion from the vaccination process.

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