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Molecular Multi Users Lab

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Everyone interested in working in the multi-user lab should fill out an application form.

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Supervisors Name
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Title of Research Project
Investigators Involved
Sponsor at STRI (If any)

Funding Source (If STRI write fund number)

Optimum Dates Requested
Alternative Dates Requested
How Many Times Per Week Will You Be At The MMUL
(in Days)
Names of Assistants or People Doing Lab Work
Specify Level of Training and Experience of Every Person That Will Work at the MMUL
Note: People at MMUL should have knowledge of laboratory and molecular techniques
Name the Protocol(s) Methods
that you Propose To Use
Are you planning to do any sequencing in the lab? How many samples?
Equipment That You Will be Using
List Chemicals That the MMUL Will Have to Provide ( If we need to order chemicals from US the Delivery time is about 4-5 weeks)
Note: Provide a quote for the items you required.
List Chemicals That You Will Bring With You
Will You Require The Use Of Hazardous Chemicals or Radioisotopes? Specify
Note: A month before your arrival you should contact MMUL lab manager with your Project information and request of chemicals and goods. Fees are per person working in the lab per day.