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Educación y Títulos

1958 B.Sc. (Honours) Geology, Kings College, London University            

1963 Ph.D. Geology, University of Caen, Calvados, France and University of London

Bibliografía Selecta

2013 Coates, A.G. How old is the Isthmus of Panama? Bulletin of Marine Science, in press

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2003 Coates, A.G., M.P. Aubry, W.A. Berggren, L.S. Collins, and M. Kunk. Early Neogene history of the Central American arc from Bocas del Toro, Western Panama. Geological Society of America, Bulletin 115 (3):271-287.

2000 McNeill, D.F., A.G. Coates, A.F Budd, and P.F. Borne. Integrated paleontologic and paleomagnetic stratigraphy of the upper Neogene deposits around Limon, Costa Rica: A coastal emergence record of the Central American Isthmus. Geological Society of America, Bulletin 112:963-981.

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