Jeremy B.C. Jackson

Científico Emerito

Jeremy B.C. Jackson

e-mail: jbjackson@ucsd.edu

Dirección: Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute
ATT: Jeremy B.C. Jackson
Washington DC 20521-9100

Teléfono: +507 212.8075




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Intereses de Investigación

Current research conducted by me, my students, and collaborators falls into two broad categories:
1) Paleoecology and macroevolution with particular interest in the environmental and biological consequences of the events leading up to the formation of the Isthmus of Panama over the past 15 million years.

2) Historical ecology of human impacts and their implications for marine conservation biology and management.

Estudios Actuales

Ecology and evolution of marine invertebrates; human impacts on tropical marine communities.

Educación y Títulos

Ph.D Yale University, 1971; M.Phil, Yale University, 1970; M.A., George Washington University, 1968, B.A., George Washington University, 1965.

Bibliografía Selecta

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