D. Ross Robertson

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Phone: +507 212.8704

Fax: +507 212.8714 /8790/8791

Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute
ATT: D. Ross Robertson
Unit 9100, Box 0948
DPO AA 34002 USA

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Education and Degrees

B.Sc. University of Queensland, Australia, 1966
Ph.D. University of Queensland, Australia, 1974

Selected Bibliography

Robertson D R (2013). Who Resembles Whom? Mimetic and Coincidental Look-Alikes among Tropical Reef Fishes. PLOS ONE 8: e54939. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0054939.

Robertson D R & Van Tassell J (2012). Fishes: Greater Caribbean. An Identification Guide to the shore-fish fauna of the Caribbean and adjacent areas. IOS App for iPhone.


Polidoro B, Brooks T, Carpenter K, Edgar G, Henderson S, Sanciangco J, Robertson D R (2012). Patterns of extinction risk and threat for marine vertebrates and habitat-forming species in the Tropical Eastern Pacific. Marine Ecology Progress Series.448: 93-104

Robertson D R, Cramer K (2009). Marine shore-fishes and biogeographic subdivisions of the Tropical Eastern Pacific. Marine Ecology Progress Series 380: 1-17