Earl S. Tupper Research & Conference Center

Research projects

The following staff scientists do research at Tupper Center:

The above-mentioned research has led to the establishment of biological collections such as:


STRI holds a reference herbaria for the flora of Panama. It is a dry collection of 13,000 specimens, representing approximately 4,000 species of higher plants.

Insects collections

The STRI Insect Collection includes the following: Synoptic Collection of Ephemeroptera, Isoptera, Siphonaptera, Odonata, Orthoptera (sensu strictu), Mantodea, Blattodea, Dermatptera, Hemyptera, Homoptera, Micoptera, Tricoptera, Neuroptera, Diptera, Coleoptera and Lepidoptera.

Wet reference collections

At the Herpetological Collection Room (Tupper 220). There are approximately 4700 species in ethanol at 70%. Approximately 4300 of them are from the "Círculo Herpetológico de Panama's" reference collection. Their collection is the biggest and most complete in the country and it represents the mayority of the reptile and amphibian families in the Republic of Panama.

Individual collections