Naos Island Laboratory

Molecular Multi Users Lab



  1. Submit the "Lab Space Application Form" to the MMUL Manager at least one month before you plan to begin working at the lab.
  2. Meet with the MMUL Manager to arrange details, before you come to work in the lab.
  3. Write down on the calendar by the lab door the days you plan to use the lab. Do this early to avoid conflict with other users interested in working at the same time.
  4. People with reservations on the calendar have priority in the use of the lab. If you need to work on a day already reserved by someone else, talk to the lab manager.
  5. Users must provide (or buy from the lab) their own chemicals and reagents, the lab will only provide limited common use ones (see below under “Fees” for a list of included reagents).  If you need reagents, consult with the MMUL Manager and make sure to include them in the "Lab Space Application Form.”

Lab Maintenance:

  1. Clean up everything before you leave the lab. This includes your bench space, used glassware, gel area, etc. Plan ahead so you have time to do this.
  2. Put everything back in its place, including dishes in the drying rack.
  3. If you break something, report it to the lab manager.
  4. Do not attempt any equipment repairs! Contact the MMUL Manager for help!

Lab Courtesy:

  1. Do not keep lab containers and lab supplies in your drawers. Lab supplies are for general use, and other people may need them.
  2. Do not use other users’ reagents without talking to them first
  3. After you finish with your samples and/or solutions, empty and clean the containers and racks, so they are available for other people.
  4. Do not reserve days on the calendar or in logs that you really are not going to use. If there is a change in your schedule, please write it down on the calendar.
  5. It is your responsibility to clean up everything before you leave the lab.
  6. Do not leave agarose gel boxes occupied to take pictures later. (If it is impossible for you to take pictures on the same day you reserved, talk to the lab manager for an extension of time).


  1. No food or drinks are allowed in the lab.
  2. Wear your safety gear at all times.  Closed toe shoes and long pants are required.
  3. If you spill something, you must clean it up. If hazardous chemicals are spilled, inform the lab manager immediately.  Spill clean up kits are available in the lab. Make sure to fill out the spill report form.
  4. Use of short pants, skirt, sandals or slippers are not allowed in the lab.


  1. Ask the MMUL Manager before borrowing something from the lab.
  2. You cannot take MMUL supplies out of the MMUL
  3. Bring your own office supplies.
  4. If you do not know how to use something, do not use it. Ask for help instead.
  5. Report to the MMUL Manager any chemicals or supplies that are running low, before they run out.
  6. Prevent contamination of chemicals. Do not put anything back in the bottles.
  7. When you finish your project, empty and clean your bench space and all containers. Do not leave things in the refrigerator or freezers or in the lab when you leave the country (unless the MMUL Manager has given prior approval.
  8. Chemicals are arranged in alphabetical order. Please keep them that way.
  9. Keep a record of the days you work in the MMUL.
  10. Provide the MMUL Manager with a print out of your "recipes.” Do this before you begin to work in the lab. This will help us maintain stocks of common use chemicals available.