Coming to Panama

Upon your Arrival to STRI/Panama

General information-Immigration

Upon Arrival

Please contact the Visitor Services’ Office (VSO), Tupper Bldg. 1st. Floor, on the first business day upon arrival, for registration. Visitors traveling with dependents should include their information on Immigration forms.

Any delay in your registration may hinder the processing of your documentation in a timely fashion, and thus Panama National Immigration Service's Office may fine you for late submission.

After appropriate documents have been submitted, Legal and External Affairs’ Office (LEXA) will assist you in processing your documents prior to expiration.

What actions regarding immigration can you expect?


Police Record:

Planning to stay beyond the regular 180 days, in the middle of your regular approved period at STRI.

Exiting Panama:

  1. If you are still under your 180 days, and have plans to exit Panama for a short trip and planning to re-entry after several days/weeks, you must have a round trip ticket to return and/or forward. This is a requirement from the Airlines at Tocumen Airport and/or Immigration Officers at the Panamanian border with Costa Rica. Some nationalities may require to show proof of solvency (See notes in Coming to Panama, Documents required to enter).



For additional questions and clarification concerning immigration procedures, please contact Ms. Celideth De Leon, STRI, External Affairs Office (EXA), Tel. +507.212.8050, E-Mail, or check Panama-National Immigration Service’s website

All information from the Republic of Panama, our host country, regarding immigration procedures is subject to change without notice.

Please remember that you are ultimately responsible for checking your travel documents upon arrival for expiration dates, needed extensions, documents/permits or exit requirements before departure. Failure to comply with applicable laws is subject to fines or deportation.

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Rev. 1/2017