McGill-STRI Program

McGill Student


All of the classes combine formal lectures with hands-on experience. Theoretical issues will be presented in a classroom setting through a combination of lectures, guest speakers and student presentations. However, not all learning takes place in the classroom and each course involves field trips to relevant sites throughout the country. These excursions allow the material learned in the classroom to be applied to real life situations. Former students have had the opportunity to explore the Canal and its history, the enormous biodiversity of Panama's forests and the breathtaking scenery of San Blas, among many other sites.

Students participate in two of the three courses offered. For next year, the classes offered are:

January- April 2018

Classes will be taught in English and will be held Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays at the University of Panama, campus Armodio Arias Madrid , Panama City. Students must be available during the entire day and field trips and group projects will require additional commitments on other days. They will be expected to participate in all assignments, which may include individual essays, group projects, lab reports and exams.