Un libro con vida II

October 20, 2008

Un libro con vida II

[A living book II]: One hundred docents learn to teach with nature

For a second consecutive year, 100 new teachers completed training with the program "Un libro con vida" [A living book] organized by STRI and Panama's Metropolitan Natural Park with funds from the Secretariat for Science and Technology (SENACYT). The teachers are from Panama's public school system. They were introduced to the use of STRI's public programs on Barro Colorado Island, Punta Culebra Nature Center, Galeta Marine Laboratory and the Metropolitan Natural Park.

According to biology professor Judith Atencio from the Instituto Comercial de Panamá, "the program transformed the bushes in the back of my school into a new classroom" and her students are showing a different attitude towards nature and are improving their grades.

STRI researchers José Deago, Nimidina Herrera, Edgardo Ochoa, Alana Dominguez, Argelis Ruiz, Nelida Gómez, Rolando Pérez, Edgardo Griffith, Ricardo Moreno, José Herrera and Chelina Batista served as instructors in the program organized by Rafael Gómez of the PNM and Lidia de Valencia, with the collaboration of Adriana Sautu.

Crucial assistance was given by PNM's team with Jovana Nuñez, Beida de Gracia, Janeth Soto, Dionora Viquez and Luis Peña; STRI’s team from Culebra Aura Watson, Nurys Palacios and Francis Torres; Jairo Castillo of the Galeta team with Margarita Salazar, Alfredo Lanuza and Ilia Grenald; and the BCI team: Oris Acevedo, Anayansi Castillo and Adalberto Gómez.


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